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Expert Staff

We have a team of trained specialists that handle your shipment with care and safely!

Door 2 Door Delivery

We hand deliver your packages to your doorsteps. We're fast, safe and discrete.

Truck Movers

We also offer moving services, we'll take your load by truck from your former to current home.

We have 15+ years of experience!

Our years of experience in logistics & freight transportation has led us to innovative and cutting edge solutions that ensure safe delivery of your packages and rates us as the best Global Shipping Company for small businesses.

Time Bound deliveries

Our deliveries are always on time and as scheduled.

Safely delivered

Your package will always be taken care of and delivered intact.

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Best Logistics Services

Air Freight

We are the 2nd largest Air Freight movers in the world, after DHL. We provide fast air freight services, from small packages to those large containers that have to be delivered within days, we've got you covered. We are your harbor.

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Ocean Freight

We'll take your cargo across the globe by sea. With over 50 vessels, Globex Logistics Services will assure a timely and safe delivery of your cargo. We know time is everything in business, ship with us and get the upper edge with the time you'll gain.

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Land Transport

We have a fleet of over 2300+ trucks ready to carry your small packages and make deliveries all across towns and nations. Our delivery is always on schedule and we're always extra careful with the fragile packages. We're simply the best.

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Cargo Storage

With over 410+ warehouses globally, Globex Logistics Services ensures the safe storage of your goods, or packages until you are ready to move them. We also offer CVS services for verification of purchased goods before transportation.

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